26 Nov 2006

Quiet day

Today I didn't do much, I hung out with Muggle in the morning, and then some with Matt and James in the evening, They gave me chicken. It was nice.
That is all for today.

25 Nov 2006

GC Wallpaper

Today I am feeling generous, I have bribed Muggle to put together some GC wallpaper. As Muggle is the only guy I know who can operate Photoshop for optimal pictures, you may download these in many resolutions for all walks of life.

Here they are



you can download these by 3 methods, either by right clicking the text you desire and clicking save target as, or by left clicking the desired text followed by right clicking the image and click save picture as, OR, you may left click the desired text, right click the image and click set as background - which is always a healthy alternative.

Also these dazzling wallpapers are best if you select in your windows display properties for it to be positioned as 'stretched'.

Today for me is very lazy day, I sleep on the amplifier on top of wardrobe, here I may watch below and beyond!


24 Nov 2006

What I did today

Today I ran, I galloped, I jumped, I climbed, I ate, I slept and most importantly I slept.

That was my day.

Here is me and my brother, Muggle, we are schleeping.


23 Nov 2006


Meow! I'm Gypsy Cat!

This is my first post in the Gypsy Cat Den!

I will add here my adventures, hopefully for many regular intervals!

Take care and have fun!