2 Nov 2007


Oh my goodness, it's hard work being a Meowman.
All the schleeping and eating is very tiring.
Muggle's chops smell like meats.

Hope all my fans are doing well.


24 May 2007

Hello my good friends!

It's been so very long since my last post here.

I've been a busy cat making video's and schleeping.

I'll try to post here more often if possible, when I'm not out frolicing in the garden.

Lots of love to all my fans!


7 Jan 2007

Hello friends!

It's now 2007 and I must lose weight, my brother Muggle, he is very fat, I tell him to go on a diet, but he persists at eating vast amounts of meats.

He is quite athletic however, but I still bite him while he's asleep, much p's him off. lol

Good day!

Here is me posing for this shot, you can see Muggle's fat ass behind me.