12 Feb 2011

2011 is here

I've been rather busy with frolicing, far too much, it's highly addicitive.

Christmas 2010 and 2011 was cold and it's still cold today, but luckily I am a small hairy meow.
It's warm all year round thanks to the miracle of my meow coat.

Good day to you!

9 Dec 2009


Christmas is almost here again.

The thing I love about christmas is it snows sometimes and it feels very cold on my paws but cold in a good way, it's feels nice cold.

Muggle, my brother says he don't like the cold but he just stays inside and it's very warm inside.

Merry Christmas.

27 Mar 2009

Being a busy meow.

Hello world.

Today I contemplated being human, it was a disgusting thought.


7 Sep 2008

It's been a long time.

It's been such a long time since I posted to my blog but I must now and then otherwise you may worry about my well-being.

Basically me and Muggle have been chasing small rodent and also schleeping, we love to sleep, it's the best part of the day!

You may have noticed the changes to my website, I personally requested these colours and name change as I was getting quite bored of ORANGE.

Anyway I will try to post more often on my blog and add more pictures to the site; also be sure to look at my new videos that are quite old but only just added to the website!

This is Gypsy meow signing off!

2 Nov 2007


Oh my goodness, it's hard work being a Meowman.
All the schleeping and eating is very tiring.
Muggle's chops smell like meats.

Hope all my fans are doing well.


24 May 2007

Hello my good friends!

It's been so very long since my last post here.

I've been a busy cat making video's and schleeping.

I'll try to post here more often if possible, when I'm not out frolicing in the garden.

Lots of love to all my fans!


7 Jan 2007

Hello friends!

It's now 2007 and I must lose weight, my brother Muggle, he is very fat, I tell him to go on a diet, but he persists at eating vast amounts of meats.

He is quite athletic however, but I still bite him while he's asleep, much p's him off. lol

Good day!

Here is me posing for this shot, you can see Muggle's fat ass behind me.